Warren G. Harding (1865-1923)

Unusual and one of a kind autograph letter signed

Unusual autograph letter signed “W. G. H.” 7pp., on humorous 5.5 x 3.5 inch postcards, no date. Letter to his personal physician Charles E. Sawyer, in which Harding occasionally comments on the subject of the postcard. In part: "Thought you about due for a card. This one is from the cook, superscribed by the purchasing agent…I may say that the next card also comes from the tight wad purchasing agent…You will be interested to know that turnips and kale are still staple at the old grill…This card seems appropriate. I was going to send one to the parson, but I recalled that he never fished…Yesterday we motored with the Flickingers—Mae and Frank. Today the rain has kept us in all day. We did have three glorious days…I don't know why I send this card. It reads like a confession. But Duchess (his wife, Florence Harding) said to send it, and she knows best. We are booked to sail for Lima, leaving Jaxonville April 2…I do not know the purpose of this card. Case for the class in grammar—parse the pronoun…All is going lovely. Frank killed a small diamond rattlesnake on the beach…We witnessed the execution! Was about two feet long and as pretty a skin as you ever saw." In fine condition. One of a kind Harding autograph.



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