Grover Cleveland (1837-1908)

Autographed letter signed re: “generosity in the matter of underwear”

Autographed letter signed “Grover Cleveland”. 4p., two adjoining sheets, 4.5 x 6.75 inch, New Jersey, 1901 December 13. On his blind embossed “Westland, Princeton, New Jersey” stationery. Addressed to C. H. Kavanagh “My dear Mr. Kavanagh”. Cleveland thanks his correspondent for their “generosity in the matter of underwear…I want you to be assured of my complete appreciation of your kindness…” and continues to comment “We have this morning been making measurements and comparing the suit of underwear….which have been worn and washed considerably, but which have fit very comfortably. Taking into account the fact that the new suits will not shrink we think if the drawers were an inch smaller at the waist and the shirt three inches smaller in the sleeves they would be just right. The neck is just right for the present cut in height. If the shirt is cut higher in the neck I suppose you can calculate what change in size of opening should be made. There will be no difficulty in my comfortably wearing the suit you sent me; and in as much as the changes that seem desirable are easily suggested I do not return the sample suit - though I will do if you think best”. Accompanied by the original mailing envelope hand addressed by Cleveland. Mailing fold, else fine condition.

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