John Tyler (1790-1862)

Excellent content autographed letter signed

Autographed letter signed “John Tyler”. 2pp., 7.5 x 9.75 inch, Sherwood Forest (Tyler Home in Charles City, VA), 1853 July 29. To Rev. Denison. In full: My dear Sir, I was much gratified by the receipt of your letter giving me an account of your trip to Carlisle and shall look for a copy of your address with much interest. Few things are better calculated to excite the best sympa-thies of the heart, than to revisit after the lapse of many years, the scenes of our youthful contests with our schoolmasters in the sports or studies of our “morning prime”. The memory calls up in rapid succession incidents which were then all the world to us and we al-most fancy ourselves in the midst of the merry group who then surrounded us. But how apt are we to find, upon awakening to reality, one or two only of all that then were among the living–  Such was your own condition ever described by yourself. And yet but few years comparatively have leaped over your head. For myself, whenever I visit Williams-burg, I stand in the midst of a new generation and number not one unless Dr. Waller was my contemporary of which I am not certain, out of all the present inhabitants of Wmsburg and yet the memory of the past comes over me like the breath of Spring, and my seven years at college, put forth their new blossoms and make one young again.  All this is well, for why should not old age have its pleasant memories and bright sunshine to melt away its snow and frost. My health has up to this day, decidedly improved since I have been under Dr. Semples treatment. If I can continue in this line I shall soon become quite active. But there lies the rub. He urges a trip to the White Sulphurs. But affairs are so circumstances here that I know not what to say about it. Julia’s confinement is believed to be near at hand. But I cannot leave until I see her family out of all danger. Letty is ready to accompany me; and with her guitar would charm away the hours, but I cannot now say whether I can leave home or not. Mrs. Gardiner is with us and I put for her much solicitude on account of her transition at this season, from the North to the South. With love to Alice and a kiss to Bessy. Believe me to be Affly yrs.” Mailing folds, handling wear, else good condition.


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